We take advantage of the miraculous effects of nature’s gifts in our products.

We efficiently extract plant essences by applying Glohe’s distinctive extraction technology, and without using any solvents or artificial chemicals. We employ sound wave technology to ensure the homogeneous distribution of natural essential oils. Our soap-based products ensure the sebum balance the skin needs through the use of a “super-fat” method.

As a result of our intense R&D efforts, we have developed a potent antimicrobial herbal protection that naturally eradicates undesired bacteria and fungi. Our products do not harm the flora of your skin. We use pure water in line with pharmaceutical production standards. That is, the purity of the water we use complies with the stringent requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We can attest to the purity of the raw materials we use!

To ensure that all raw materials we use are natural and completely plant-based, we test them using state-of-the-art quality control devices such as gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) and ultraviolet-visible (UV) spectrophotometry instruments.

On-site Microbiology Laboratory

We test the formulas developed by our R&D team for microbiological growth before they are manufactured at our facility. These in-process tests are performed by taking samples from the finished product.