Quality Policy

Glohe Herbal Products San. and Tic. Inc. As Senior Management,

In our products and services; To continuously improve customer satisfaction by meeting the demands and expectations of our customers at the highest level,

Our products T.C. To ensure compliance with the legal regulations and international standards determined by the Ministry of Health,

To produce hygienic, healthy and safe products by ensuring that physical, chemical and microbiological hazards are kept under control at all stages, from raw material purchase to the delivery of the final product to our customers, with HACCP-Based Risk Analysis management,

To activate the quality management system, whose functionality is documented with records and which defines effective BRC-CP requirements,

To follow modern technological developments and to provide necessary improvements in order to ensure continuity in quality and hygiene in our products that we produce and offer to our customers with the understanding of Green Production,

Continuous training in order to increase the qualifications and skills of our employees,

To reduce our mistakes by watching,

To continuously improve the effectiveness of our Halal Management Systems with the GMP Quality Management System and Product Safety Management we implement,

We are committed to providing the necessary resources in line with our policy.

Chairman of the Board