Glohe was established to develop 100% Natural and environmentally friendly products that are aimed to reach the whole world. Therefore, the name Glohe was born from the abbreviations of the words “Global and Herbal” reflecting the vision of the company. It has become one of the fastest growing companies in the fields of green and clean cosmetics, natural baby, personal and home care by leading the sector.

It exports its products to 15 countries under the Glohe, INCIA and Siveno brands and brings its world-class products to consumers in different geographies. Our brands are available in pharmacies, world-famous cosmetics’ stores, baby stores, big market chains, online sales sites, global market places and abroad.

In the world, environmentally friendly, clean content cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products are gaining more and more importance. INCIA and Siveno brands are among the rare brands in the world that all products are 100% natural. Our brands have worldwide valid certificates such as COSMOS NATURAL, ECOCERT, VEGAN, CRUELTY FREE, HALAL. In addition, all of our products in our factory located in Istanbul, Turkey are produced with the assurance of BRC-CP and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificates, which certify the production quality on a global scale.

BioArge, one of Glohe’s subsidiaries, brings world-class 100% Natural raw materials produced by itself to global raw material companies. Our export department is to be a bridge between the world and our products.

“Save yourself. Save your planet. Support clean and sustainable living.”