We are determined to protect nature.

We optimize the amounts of raw materials required for production. We aim for efficiency and excellence in all our operations through the sustainable management of water and other resources. We blend corporate and community values and integrate these into our business model.

Thanks to our green production methods, the waste we generate can be used as animal feed. We prefer polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) packaging in the production phase. We use biodegradable, recyclable, environmentally and eco-friendly products.

We protect human health and aquatic creatures.

We do not use PEG and its derivatives in our products as we know that they are not biodegradable. With time, they accumulate in the human body, causing damage to the liver, kidney, and other organs. Also, this raw material waste pollutes the waters, limiting the habitats of sea and freshwater creatures. Thus, we use all-natural raw materials in our products to care for nature.