Bioarge is a pioneering R&D company that combines natural resources and advance technologies, and develops sustainable solutions for our world.

Established in the light of the latest R&D innovations and equipped with cutting-edge technologies, Bioarge applies science with an integrated approach, and thus collaborates with experienced scientists from diverse disciplines.

Bioarge Laboratories’ R&D department develops all-natural personal and home care products at its high-tech laboratory using an inter-disciplinary approach. Its team of experts hold bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry, biology, microbiology, and cell culture.

Cell Culture Laboratory

We conduct cell tests to determine the safety and effectiveness of the personal and home care products developed at the Bioarge Cell Culture Laboratory. Accordingly, we ensure product safe by establishing the effective dosage on cells for the developed products and various raw materials used in them, and by looking for any toxic effects.

Microbiology Laboratory

The Bioarge Microbiology Laboratory performs microbiological tests by taking into consideration all contamination risks related to products, raw materials, and production areas. It performs challenge tests for personal and home care products, which are produced under proper microbiological conditions, and examines the product’s effectiveness against pathogenic microorganisms, ensuring the development of microbiologically safe products as a result.